How did you set the gasket?  This critical, it's not just pop it on the cover 
and screw it down!

Best practice is to make sure the gasket is fitted to the cover all the way 
around, clean and dry.  Head must also be clean and dry. 

Thump the cover firmly agains the head five or six times with the gasket in 
place -- the cover must fit into the slot in the gasket all the way down all 
the way around, you can usually tell by the change in sound when it's seated.

Then tighten the screws GENTLY -- more than finger tight, but not more than 20 
ft/lbs I think.  Too tight and the cover warps and lifts up between the screws 
and leaks.

I can't think of anything else that would leak all over the engine on a 617.


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