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Kevin wrote:
On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 09:51:58PM -0600, OK Don wrote:
I wonder if it's really a broken band, or a B2 piston?
I was under the understanding that the 722.4 was more or less
immune from the B2 affliction that pestered earlier 722.3s.

And I was under the impression that the 2.5 turbo can kill it
in 200-300kmi. This one has 296k on the clock. Probably just
worn out. Maybe Johnny B wants another 190D after his wife
claims the 2.0?

The 722 series transmissions wear every time they shift and hardly wear at all while in gear running. So to minimize transmission wear, minimize shifting. During the 10 years I was driving from Pittsburgh to Washington DC and back weekly, I counted the number of shifts that my 300TD made on the trip and the number of shifts that my 190Ds (with automatics) made. The 190D shifted not quite twice as often. Around town the number of shifts was much closer to the same.

That corresponds with the average life of the a 722.4 transmission in a 201 vs a 722.3 transmission in a 123/124/126. In city driving, both transmissions give similar life (150-200kmi), but in highway service, the average 722.3 transmission will last quite a bit longer (all other things being equal). I believe that the BIGGEST factor is engine power. The more powerful engines allow the transmission to last longer by allowing the engine to propel the car satisfactorily with many fewer shifts!


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