They may be known as the non-reproductive generation.  Too engaged with screens 
to actually connect in the flesh.  Reminds me of an Asimov book.  I think it 
was “Robots of Dawn”.  The humans each lived in their own homes surrounded by 
robots, talked to each other electronically, but never met.


> On Aug 13, 2019, at 12:03 PM, G Mann via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> If paying attention was an explosive, a vast segment of present society
> would not have enough to blow their nose.
> In days gone past, schools had something called the "Dunce Stool" which sat
> in the corner at front of class room. It's purpose was to impress the rest
> of the class on the importance of paying attention to detail in class. That
> device worked well enough to create something now called "The Greatest
> Generation"..... most now dead of old age. I wonder what history will come
> to call the present crop of sub humans?


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