Isn't that a sign of not enough gas?

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> So I replaced the manifold hose assembly, new drier, converted to 134 and
> pulled vacuum for 1 hour before charging. AC blow great, super cold. Once
> you are driving it blows ice cubes, literally. So after about 15-20 minutes
> the evaporator is basically freezing up. You will start getting fog blowing
> out the vents followed by snow, then loss of airflow. If I put it in ec
> mode for a few minutes it thaws out then is fine again. This issue seems to
> be the compressor is constantly running, it does not cycle off and on. The
> PBU that was in the car had a programa rebuilt sticker and the snow flake
> button did not turn the compressor on at all but the top button did that is
> supposed to be for dehumify and runs compressor constantly. The snow flake
> button is supposed to be normal mode that cycles compressor. I swapped in a
> different PBU and the compressor kicks on with the snow flake button but
> stays running all the time. Could this be something in the PBu? Or the
> kooks relay? Or maybe a sensor? These 201 systems are a little different
> from other systems MB used.
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