Last week I made a quick trip up to Norfolk and back, drove The White
Whale.  I'd noticed that power was down a bit before I left. I was thinking
it was time to spend some $$ on the fancy A-B light injection timing tool,
and just make sure I had the timing right on both TWW (The White Whale) and
on my '95 E300.

As I neared the outskirts of Norfolk, power was really starting to drop
off, and shift points were getting wonky, and finally I saw the light:
clogged fuel filter(s).

I decided to stop at Wal-Mart along the way and change the filters in their
parking lot.  Bought some paper towels and some food stuffs for my stay in
Norfolk, parked the car under a nice bright light as it was getting dark,
and swapped out both in-line and spin-on filters.  Checked my record book,
those filters had about 30k miles so they'd had a decent service life.

I did not have anything handy to re-fill the main fuel filter, so I tried
to fill it by cranking the engine, but after a few long cranks the engine
was not firing and battery was starting to get low, so back into wally
world for a bottle of their cheapest diesel additive.  The filter was
probably about 2/3 full, I topped it off with additive, and after a bit
more cranking The White Whale was operational again.

Now to order another set of filters to keep in the car.  I'm also wondering
if I've got a microbial bloom growing in the fuel tank, have to dose it
with biocide I guess and make sure nothing's alive in there.
Charleston SC

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