On 24/03/2020 4:57 PM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
Randy - forget about the toe kicks and build roll out drawers for storage 
there. That’s a new design feature that’s in vogue now. They just frame shallow 
boxes and put these big wheels on the sides so you can roll them in and out. 
Makes for a nice place to store stuff like cookie sheets or cutting boards.



Too late for that for me. If I were building them now, I might do that but these were built years ago and the base cabinets sit on rectangular frames made out of 2X4s. The oak that I said needed to be applied will just complete the look and cover the pine that is currently visible. I think, that if I were to put drawers in the toe kick space, I would make the toe kick taller than normal in order to get a drawer that had some functional use - probably only an inch or so higher, but more than might be normal. We have also installed a cork floor since the cabinets were built so we have further reduced the height that would be available if I was convinced I should try to open the fronts of the toe kick to install drawers.



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