Turning up at the local scrap yard here with a box of loose cats will
get you an interview at the police station.


Kaleb Striplin via Mercedes <mercedes@okiebenz.com> writes:

> I talked to several people and most of these outfits come out and pull
> them. Talked to this one dude and his prices seemed to be a little
> better than most so I let him come out. A couple of days ago he asked
> if I had a saw to cut them off and a way to lift them. That is when I
> bought one of those cordless sawzalls. Anyway dude shows up, we head
> out to the back 40 and he says he doesn’t cut cats off I would have to
> do it. I started cutting one on a 126 but it’s not easy to get a good
> angle to get it cut even with it up in the air. I basically told the
> guy I was not prepared to cut them off so he could look at some that I
> already had pulled. One was off a 126 of some sort, one off of a 124,
> and one was the rattling pipe I replaced on the e430 years ago. Anyway
> he laid me $900 for those but I think that might have been a little
> low. I’m either going to cut them off myself and see what the local
> scrap yard would give me, or get one of the other dudes who will do
> the work for me. It is not at all as easy as it may seem, especially
> for my old tired ass.
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