FedExSux f’d up my Chewy delivery last week, said it was left in front of my 
garage (which makes no sense, so the driver either stole it or someone else got 
2 big bags of food), nowhere to be found. Called them, totally useless. Called 
Chewy They were going to see if they could light a fire under fedexsux;alas, no 
product after 2 more days  

Called Chewy a second time yesterday they shipped out another order, fedex said 
it was on it’s way this morning, just got a message saying they couldn’t find 
my house. Of course this is probably the 20th (and 21st) order that the 
previous 19 had been successfully delivered with no issues.  

Called Chewy again (and you always get a very nice human on about the third 
ring) who was once again going to try to sort it out AND issued a $25 refund on 
my order to cover buying a bag of poodle food. 

Chewy is a great company to deal with, fedexsux needs Wilson and Tom Hanks to 
help get stuff delivered. 

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