Hello list,
I have a ’83 240D with a 4 speed manual.  The car has about 330K miles.  I was 
driving today and when shifting into 2nd gear the shifter got stuck in neutral 
position and would not move in any direction, I pulled and pushed the lever and 
it freed up and I continued on everything working fine. I headed home and on a 
hill had to downshift into first and the shifter suddenly felt like it was not 
connected to anything.  The car was still in 3rd gear but I couldn’t start out 
in 3rd and it stalled. I started the engine and the shifter and transmission 
worked normally the rest of the way home.  The problem is intermittent, from 
normal to stuck to normal to disconnected to normal.  
Has anyone ever experienced this on a 240D 4-speed?  Any ideas as to what it 
could be?

Thank you 
John Ingram


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