On 2021-05-10 20:19, Buggered Benzmail via Mercedes wrote:
Yeah I tried that stuff, supposedly made by TOTW which is what the
poods get, they wouldn’t eat it

Made by Diamond, which also makes Taste of The Wild.
IIRC Chewy's American Journey has the same pellet style and probably comes from the same factory. Looking at the ingredients, I bet the Kirkland costs 10-20% less than TOTW.

My GSP likes Turkey and Beef Kirkland grain free just fine. Not as happy with the fish, which just happens to be the more expensive of the three. But she likes TOTW and AJ salmon flavors, those are some of her favorites.

She liked the American Journey grain free, liked the limited ingredient grain free a bit less, and didn't like their super premium stuff at all.

The only thing I had to give away because she wouldn't eat it:
TOTW venison. I think it was called Pine Forest or something like that.
Gave it to the neighbor's fussy Boxer and he loved it. So it wasn't entirely $50 down the drain, got some neighborly good will out of it.
But she liked the other TOTW flavors I used to buy for her.


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