Agreed, I had a Vanagon with a manual and it was hard to find the gears
when I first got it. Replacing all the bushings and following the
service manual procedure to adjust the linkage made a world of


Jaime Kopchinski via Mercedes <> writes:

> HI John,
> Most likely the bushings on each end of the shift rods (there are three of
> them, so 6 bushings) are probably gone.  This causes the levers on the
> shifter to end up in odd places and occasionally jam.  There are also
> bushing in the shifter itself that can contribute to the problem.  Best
> action is to order up all the bushings from the classic center and spend a
> weekend rebuilding everything.  You'll be surprised by how nice it can all
> be when repaired properly.
> Good luck
> Jaime
> On Mon, May 10, 2021 at 8:07 PM John Ingram via Mercedes <
>> wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I have a ’83 240D with a 4 speed manual.  The car has about 330K miles.  I
>> was driving today and when shifting into 2nd gear the shifter got stuck in
>> neutral position and would not move in any direction, I pulled and pushed
>> the lever and it freed up and I continued on everything working fine. I
>> headed home and on a hill had to downshift into first and the shifter
>> suddenly felt like it was not connected to anything.  The car was still in
>> 3rd gear but I couldn’t start out in 3rd and it stalled. I started the
>> engine and the shifter and transmission worked normally the rest of the way
>> home.  The problem is intermittent, from normal to stuck to normal to
>> disconnected to normal.
>> Has anyone ever experienced this on a 240D 4-speed?  Any ideas as to what
>> it could be?
>> Thank you
>> John Ingram
>> Maryland


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