I read the website a little more and it seems they do have charge
management hardware built in. So that makes the need for a special
charger a little puzzling. If the car alternator is OK, why isn't my old
8A 12V plug-in charger OK?


Curt Raymond <curtlud...@yahoo.com> writes:

> It suggests you'll need to add a charger.
> "IMPORTANT: Only use Lithium Lifepo4 Charger when charging these
> batteries from a charger. How to Choose a Charger"
> Lithium batteries can be safely discharged lower than lead acid. Lead
> acid is only supposed to go to 50%, IIRC lithium can go to 80% or
> maybe a little less.
> -Curt
> On Friday, May 14, 2021, 12:49:41 PM EDT, Allan Streib via Mercedes
> <mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
> What's the advantage? Just the weight savings?
> Car charging circuits won't be set up to safely charge a Li battery, so
> I guess these batteries include the electronics to manage the charging?
> And discharging? You can't allow them to get too low either.
> Allan
> Mitch Haley via Mercedes <mercedes@okiebenz.com> writes:
>> They're putting lithium starting batteries in big cases so they are a
>> drop in replacement for lead-acid.
> https://antigravitybatteries.com/products/starter-batteries/automotive/ag-h8-rs/


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