I decided to replace the blown airbags in the $400E500. I had picked up 
replacements (LR door, driver seat bolster) at the knackers along with a LR 
door panel in good shape. 

The bag assemblies are held in with rivets so got to use this big riveter I got 
to do the 05ML500 LR window regulator. It worked great after drilling out the 
old rivets. 

Both bags went in easily and the door card went right back in. It didn’t have 
the window shade so couldn’t put that back in as there was no slot for it on 
top of the panel. Oh well. 

It took me FOREVER to get the two screws in at the bottom of the drivers seat 
rear cover panel, I just couldn’t get the panel holes lined up with the screw 
holes but after a LOT of effort I finally got them done. So all buttoned up. 
Still showing a fault on the instrument cluster for SRS, I’ll have to hook up 
the computer and clear that. 

Next thing is to deal with the fuel level sender(s) and see what needs to be 
done there. That’s really all the car needs aside from the nasty clear coat 
that is gone. That and a good cleaning. 

A successful afternoon!

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