I would expect that 316K miles does not help sell it. The car just looks worn, especially on the inside. Also, the rusty air cleaner under the hood is a turn off. Clean it up and paint it.


On 08/07/2023 3:45 PM, Kaleb Striplin via Mercedes wrote:
Took some quick pics and posted on Fakebook, but no real interest. I will 
probably clean it up a bit and take some more/better photos. I drove it a 
little today and despite the crappy shocks it just glided down the road. Got up 
to 80 quite easily. I’m so impressed I’m thinking about proceeding further with 
it, new window gaskets, shocks, fix/charge the AC. Back seat is in decent shape 
but the seat pads are crunchy, new ones seem to be available for about $600. 
Very very little rust, really no rust at all for a 116. This just goes back to 
what I have always believed that nobody seems to want the 116s.



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