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> Charleston County leaders review plans for golf course on Johns Island
> live5news.com

I'm not sure how your Subject relates to the proposed golf course, but
the article said,

      Dana Beach, the Founder of the Coastal Conservation League, said
      the development is important because it will set a precedent for
      the rest of Johns island. He said it’s important to clearly define
      the edges of Charleston County’s Urban Growth Boundary to avoid
      increased development on the island in the future.

      The Orange Hill Project pushes right up against that boundary, which
      was set by the county to limit urban sprawl.

      The 933-acre project includes a private golf course and 121 homes.
      While a plan for a golf course and neighborhood was already approved
      by the County for this area in 2004, the plan developers presented
      Monday actually reduces the number of homes plotted on the land and
      changes the location of the golf course and its entry point.

Where is this relative to the location of your vast estate?



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