AFAIK, only the 6.9 had torque compensation. I would imagine the chapter on
the rear axle would cover which models had what design.

Craig wrote:

Has anyone had experience with these? Or those of another model?

I am reading 42-530 and it isn't entirely clear.

It has illustrations of two rear brake and parking brake assemblies.

The first is titled, "Diagonal swing axle layout."

The second is titled, "Diagonal swing axle with initial torque

It does not, however, tell how to distinguish between the two or how to
determine which one's car has.

The difference is in the reassembly:

11. Install adjusting device (21 through 23) in both brake shoes, that
    adjusting wheel (22) of diagonal swing axle faces forward.


12. Adjusting wheel (22) of diagonal swing axle with starting torque
    compensation must face down.

In addition, getting the springs out without the special tools is rather
difficult. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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