My Indy just bought a Snap-On torque Wrench wit Digital Display.
Doesn't Click when you reach your setting it Buzzes and Vibrates.
Reads out in Deg., Ft. Lbs, Inch Lbs, And Newton Meters. Cool Torque
Wrench but at 400 bucks not for the DYI'er unless you have money to

The Newer MB V-8's head bolts are torqued to 60° twice.

Russ W.

OK Don wrote:

I remember seeing a picture of a special tool in an earlier MB paper
manual - it was a wrench with a degree scale to measure the angle of
twist, so you could get the 90 degrees accurately.  The bolts holding
the flywheel onto the crank of the 615 engine were "torque to XX NM",
then 90 degrees more. I eyeballed the 90 degrees. The special tool for
measuring the twist seemed very German to me ---

 Frankly, this 90 degree stuff doesn't sound very German and it makes
me nervous. Does anybody know what the actual specs (ft lbs or nM) are
for the last two cranks?

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