Jim wrote:<<a butter knife for tucking
it into the channel.>>

Good suggestion. I bought a oyster knife years ago for that purpose and many more. It has a slightly larger blade than a butter knife -- One of
the best tools I have.

My wonder-knife is an antique (? that's where I bought it!) wood-handled
carbon steel knife, shaped like a butter knife (broad, that is, not pointy) but borderline sharp on one edge and very thin on the other. It's whippy
and strong, I use it a _lot_ on these jobs.  Particularly on doors, it's
good for popping the clips on pre-201's, prying out the plastic bits
around the door handles, slicing loose or tucking in weatherstrip, etc.

Besides being thin, I think it's main virtue comes from its flexibility.
If you start prying 'too hard' it bends, and if you twist 'too hard' it
starts chewing into your thumb.  Serves to warn you that you're probably
going to break something, so back off and try something else.

The oyster knives I've used all seem to me (in my mind) to be too
stout and fat, more like using a screwdriver.  They're strong, though!

-- Jim

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