Zoltan Finks wrote:
Okay, I know this is diesel 101 stuff, but:

Can having one or more bad glow plug cause your engine to smoke - even when
the engine is warmed up?

I believe I may have a bad glow plug, because the glow plug light sometimes
takes between 3 and 5 seconds to come on when I turn the key to ignition
position. When it comes on, it stays on like normal and I can start the
engine, but it may take a second try. Prior to the unusual g.p. light
activity, this engine started first time every time.

Last evening after dark, as I took off from a stop light, I noticed that the
vehicle was producing a significant amount of smoke, and I don't think that
it normally does. (83 240D)

If the glow plug light does not come on the moment that you turn the key (THE FIRST TIME) then there is a failure of the preglow system that must be diagnosed and corrected. That's NOT what's causing smoke after the engine is warmed up (unless this condition has been present for many months or more)!

You may have a defective electrical contact on the ignition switch or even a work linkage associated with the switch. You may have one or more intermittent glow plugs or a loose contact.

Marshall Booth Ph.D.
Ass't Prof. (ret.)
Univ of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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