Zoltan Finks wrote:
Recently as I was on vacation at a nice resort in Sedona, I noticed that one
of the batch of new Mercedes Benzes in the parking lot had its left hand
parking light on most of the day, and all night.

I'm assuming that the light control switch is the same as it is on the older
models (MB seems to keep many things the same in terms of interior
equipment, which is really interesting to me). And it's quite easy when
turning off the headlights to turn the switch one click too far, resulting
in this embarrassing condition.

Tonight as we drove, we saw a new MB on the highway in front of us and it
had an extra red light on on the driver side rear (inboard from the running
lamps in the tail light assy, these were the light assys. in the trunk lid).
We assumed the boo boo was taking place. But later I realized we were
probably wrong, because they had their headlights on, and so I don't know
what this red light on the driver side was, besides distracting.

A bright red tail light on the left side is the rear "fog light" that is required in many European countries. They are present on many more recent Mercedes models and some older European models (my '85 Euro 190D has a rear left fog light illuminated when the headlight switch is pulled out TWO notches)

Marshall Booth Ph.D.
Ass't Prof. (ret.)
Univ of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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