Alex C. wrote:  "So if the old small-block was so good, how come they dumped it 
and moved to the Vortec engine family for the trucks?  Fuel economy and/or 
emissions concerns, or something else?"

The old small block was a workhorse, but the newer balanced engines were for 
superior for fuel injection, the use of and harmonic balancing. The newer 
engines also developed more power with better fuel economy.  Now, the 350 that 
was fuel injected in 87 is an awesome engine. But, 1988 represented a watershed 
year for GM becuasue of the development of the newer engines.

Until the design of the 3800 V6, the 307 ("Y" code) engine and the 305 (made by 
chevy) was, in my opinion the best engines GM made UNTIL the design of the 3800 

Donald H. Snook

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