carbucks wrote:
> While I've been happy with my 85 and 83 300SDs, they don't suit our 
> lifestyle with the dog. Been researching the 87 300td. Looking for some 
> list wisdom on fair market value for one in good to excellent condition. 
> Here's what I've discovered so far.

There were less than 2000 of those cars imported, and the wagon style is 
very sought after... so prices are all over the place.  One in *nice* 
condition in Washington state will fetch 10k.  Most ones in good 
condition seem to go for 5-7k (outside of WA).  Most people on this list 
are known for being on the 'thrifty' side, and they probably wouldn't 
buy one at those crazy eBay prices.

FWIW, I bought one in fair condition on the AL coast for $3200.  I've 
since bought >$2k worth of parts I'm slowly putting in.


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