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> Price a set of rear SLS legs, or #22 head, or evaporator R&R for the
> S124.  My '96 Passat tdi was a rock-solid reliable, economical and
> fun to drive car.  Much cheaper to keep than my Mercedes--damn, my
> Vanagon is even a helluva lot cheaper to run than the TD.  I think I
> keep the Merc for purely sentimental reasons, at this point.

Maybe the later models are more expensive... My W123 is hands-down the
cheapest car I've ever owned, in cost-of-ownership terms.  I do most
of my own work and buy the parts from Rusty though.  I recently bought
a Vanagon too, and I like it, but its engineering is cheap and
amateurish compared to the W123 -- or even compared to my former W110.

1983 300D

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