On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 04:08:45PM -0500, Allan Streib wrote:
> Zeitgeist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Price a set of rear SLS legs, or #22 head, or evaporator R&R for the
> > S124.  My '96 Passat tdi was a rock-solid reliable, economical and
> > fun to drive car.  Much cheaper to keep than my Mercedes--damn, my
> > Vanagon is even a helluva lot cheaper to run than the TD.  I think I
> > keep the Merc for purely sentimental reasons, at this point.
> Maybe the later models are more expensive... My W123 is hands-down the
> cheapest car I've ever owned, in cost-of-ownership terms.  I do most
> of my own work and buy the parts from Rusty though.  I recently bought
> a Vanagon too, and I like it, but its engineering is cheap and
> amateurish compared to the W123 -- or even compared to my former W110.

Having W123, W124, W201, and an A2 jetta, the jetta blows them all away in
terms of how cheap it is to keep on the road. The W123 was a neglected car,
so it's probably not a fair comparison. The W124 and S124 were far FAR more
expensive than them all.

No doubt, the mercedes is a better put together car, but you pay the price
for it.

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