Another possibility, depending on where you live, is to get one with some 
rust. The rust drops the value of the car GREATLY, and if you're in an area
where a rusty car won't really get worse, it's fine for a driver. My 85 190D
was such a car, and was really a bargain for what it was. What got expensive
on that car was rebuilding the suspension on it when it got close to 200k
miles, followed by a busted ball joint in the front. Granted, I did most of
the work myself, but there were a LOT of parts I had to replace on it while
doing the job. It was a five speed, so it was worth the time and money, or so
I told myself.

I do still have the two 87s, one D that got sideswiped and one rusty TD that
needs a head/head gasket, that I've been toying with letting go, but unless
you're somewhat near Sacramento, CA, the logistics might be a little screwy.
And no, I'm not letting them go for $500 for the pair (or even $500 each),
so all you bottomfeeders out there, don't try. ;)

On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 11:16:42AM -0800, carbucks wrote:
> So paying $10k for a twenty plus year old car that only gets about half 
> the fuel mileage of a five year old Jetta does not add up. Factor in 
> rising fuel costs as well as the higher costs to maintain the Benz and 
> the arithmetic is even less in favor of the Benz.
> Unless, of course, I can find one like yours. :-)

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