That's why I'm looking at a Jetta wagon TDI that's a few years old. The 
largest part of the depreciation is gone and it will be good for another 
ten years or so. By that time I'll have saved enough on fuel (over the 
Benz) to buy another one.

I have an '82 Jetta that I bought brand new. At 300k+ the body and 
original engine are still good, though I had to replace the head at 80K 
because I burned the valves following the idiot upshift light (remember 
those?) . However, it was the electrics that consigned it to a moldering 
death in my yard. The electrics did get better in 83. I have an 83 Jetta 
Turbo diesel that still going strong.


Allan Streib wrote:
> Kevin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Having W123, W124, W201, and an A2 jetta, the jetta blows them all
>> away in terms of how cheap it is to keep on the road. The W123 was a
>> neglected car, so it's probably not a fair comparison. The W124 and
>> S124 were far FAR more expensive than them all.
> I had an A2 Jetta as well, and agree it was pretty cheap as far as
> repairs and maintenance go, but I bought it new at about 4 times what
> I paid for my 300D, and I financed it.  So that killed the cost of
> ownership numbers for me.  I'm pretty sure a 20 year old Jetta would
> have cost me more than my W123 to own, they just are not built to last
> that long.
> Allan
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