Sounds like you got a lemon. Sold both my 2000 Jetta TDI and 2004 Golf 
TDI after a couple of years of ownership and no maintenance hassle for 
just slightly below what I paid for them new (exempting taxes).

With my new 2000 Jetta, all maintenance was covered under the warranty. 
With the 2004 Golf, they charged (too much) for oil changes. Now that 
I'm not so busy with work, I'd do those myself. Fortunately, just as 
there are for M-Bs, third party Internet suppliers for VW really save 
you a bundle.

I spend way more time on the 300SDs fiddling with them. The latest is 
the heater hose that the dealer wants $125 for. Fortunately the 
suppliers everyone on this list knows about has it for a small fraction 
of that. Going to have to remove some electronics on the '85 to get at 
that. The air condition compressor on the 83 is squealing. That's not 
going to be a lot of fun. Going to have to upgrade the AC to the newer 
environmental standards.

Thanks to all for the interaction. Really helped clarify my next steps. 
Given the rising cost of fuel and the thousands of miles we put on in a 
month, a car that gets twice the fuel mileage and saves a thousand or 
more dollars a year is the way I have to go.

Anyone interested in purchasing two west coast solid body 300SDs, one an 
83 with a rebuilt engine and the other an 85 (w/ABS brakes)? The next 
question is what should I ask for them?


David Bruckmann wrote:
> Yes, the Golf/Jetta TDI gets good fuel economy BUT you'll realise that a 
> 20-y/o MB is a BARGAIN the first time you pay $100 for a set of front brake 
> pads for the VW, or when you replace the $300 MAF sensor for the 3rd or 4th 
> time, or when it needs yet ANOTHER window lifter, or when it won't start 
> because the intake manifold is clogged with soot, or when you get the bill 
> from the chiropractor b/c the seats are HORRIBLE, or when the rear brake pads 
> wear out AGAIN after only 20k miles, or when the coolant level sensor seal 
> fails and coolant is pumped into your wiring harness destroying your entire 
> electrical system, etc etc.
> Idiotically, I gave up my 1979 300TD for a new 2002 Golf TDI. It took me 
> about a week to start hating it, and almost two years to ditch it -- for a 
> 1984 300TD.
> D.
>> On Feb 13, 2008 2:16 PM, carbucks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Thanks, John. Nice looking TD.
>>> Fuel is the other cost I'm factoring in. According to
>>> the 300td will get up
>>> to 25 mpg and for 15000 annual miles @ $3/gal cost you $2239 per year.
>>> For a few thousand more, I can pick up a Jetta Wagon TDI  ($mid-teens)
>>> which according to
>>> gets up to 42
>>> mpg and costs $1407 per year.
>>> So paying $10k for a twenty plus year old car that only gets about half
>>> the fuel mileage of a five year old Jetta does not add up. Factor in
>>> rising fuel costs as well as the higher costs to maintain the Benz and
>>> the arithmetic is even less in favor of the Benz.
>>> Unless, of course, I can find one like yours. :-)
>>> Martin
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