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py3: have an utility function to return string

There are cases when we need strings and can't use bytes in python 3.
We need an utility function for these cases. I agree that this may not
be the best possible way out. I will be happy if anybody else can suggest
a better approach. We need this functions for os.path.join(),

We should stick to bytes for filesystem API, and translate bytes to unicode
at VFS layer as necessary.


(Also, we'll have to disable PEP 528 and 529 on Python 3.6, which will break
existing repositories.)



__slots__ can be considered private data, so just use u''.

and few more things.

for instance?

+# This function converts its arguments to strings
+# on the basis of python version. Strings in python 3
+# are unicodes and our transformer converts everything to bytes
+# in python 3. So we need to decode it to unicodes in
+# py3.
+def coverttostr(word):

Any reason, this comment is not the python docstring?

+    if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
+        assert isinstance(word, str), "Not a string in Python 2"
+        return word
+    # Checking word is bytes because we have the transformer, else
+    # raising error
+    assert isinstance(word, bytes), "Should be bytes because of transformer"
+    return word.decode(sys.getfilesystemencoding())

Can we assume 'word' was encoded in file-system codec?

On what kind of string is this going to be used. If we intend to us this on Mercurial internal identifier only, we can probably assume (and actually, enforce) ascii to keep things simple.


Pierre-Yves David
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