On 09/17/2016 12:17 PM, Yuya Nishihara wrote:
# HG changeset patch
# User Yuya Nishihara <y...@tcha.org>
# Date 1462253040 -32400
#      Tue May 03 14:24:00 2016 +0900
# Node ID f99625523f84eaaedf48897322d5c9f6dce64bd9
# Parent  961b53cbadd0e17b1e5e745d0e3cc582cbf6603f
# EXP-Topic revsetflag
log: drop hack to fix order of revset (issue5100)

Specify ordered=True instead.

Pushed (I've fixed the message in flight)

This patch effectively backs out c407583cf5f6. revs.sort(reverse=True)
is replaced by revs.reverse() because the matcher should no longer reorder

Given that most expensive matching is now lazy, (so actually happening after the actual match call, should we drop the double reverse all entirely?


Pierre-Yves David
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