On 09/22/2016 06:10 PM, Kostia Balytskyi wrote:
# HG changeset patch
# User Kostia Balytskyi <ikos...@fb.com>
# Date 1474560467 25200
#      Thu Sep 22 09:07:47 2016 -0700
# Branch stable
# Node ID ac125f907dfe8f85d0c2771b3f71eaec788d9ea0
# Parent  8f902ec9ed9a296d92c2c2df1536af8c44b5321c
evolve: fix the way evolve checks whether dirstate.write has arguments

Ryan fixed this in August fe64e69da57, it seems like you are using the stable branch.

(also, "evolve:" is a bit too wide as a prefix, "compat:" or "dirstate:" would have been better here).

Pierre-Yves David
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