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exchange: add `_getbookmarks()` function

I was thinking about the various in-flight series and it made me realized that the various important point about this bookmarks series are spread in various emails and might be a bit hard to follow.

Since I still had them in my head I've made a summary of the important point that needs to be addressed or discussed. Since the 4.0 feature freeze is Tuesday, this will probably not reach conclusion this cycle.

- Do not go through pushkey to list the bookmarks
  (using a function from mercurial.bookmarks seems the way to go),

- either drop the dedicated exception classes (BookmarksEncodeError and BookmarksDecodeError) or make it clear why we need them,

- write internal documentations about the new parts and the process around them in mercurial/helps/internals/,

- double check the binary encoding with Greg. I personnaly think we should drop the optional 'nodeid' and include one in all case,

- introduce a new attributes on the unbundle2 to pass "inputs" around (instead of our previous approach of using dedicated attributes for each)

(there is also a small number of various questions and comments inline but they seems less important)


Pierre-Yves David
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