# HG changeset patch
# User Gábor Stefanik <gabor.stefa...@nng.com>
# Date 1476317034 -7200
#      Thu Oct 13 02:03:54 2016 +0200
# Node ID 1420cffe78a3ef2d0a2d3f125ce780754745ead8
# Parent  2284ef0bd7df9b83f10f91f79f74f5b44b6ffde0
copies: make _checkcopies handle simple renames in a rotated DAG

This introduces a distinction between "merge base" and
"topological common ancestor". During a regular merge, these two are
identical. Graft, however, performs a merge in a rotated DAG, where the
merge common ancestor will not be a common ancestor at all in the
original DAG.

To correctly find copies in case of a graft, we need to take both the
merge base and the topological CA into account, and track any renames
between them in reverse. Fortunately we can detect this in advance,
see comment in the code about "backwards".

This patch only supports finding non-divergent renames contained entirely
between the merge base and the topological CA. Further patches are coming
to support more complex cases.

(Pierre-Yves David was involved in the cleanup of this patch.)

diff -r 2284ef0bd7df -r 1420cffe78a3 mercurial/copies.py
--- a/mercurial/copies.py       Thu Oct 13 02:03:49 2016 +0200
+++ b/mercurial/copies.py       Thu Oct 13 02:03:54 2016 +0200
@@ -374,10 +374,10 @@
     bothnew = sorted(addedinm1 & addedinm2)
     for f in u1u:
-        _checkcopies(c1, f, m1, m2, base, limit, data1)
+        _checkcopies(c1, f, m1, m2, base, tca, limit, data1)
     for f in u2u:
-        _checkcopies(c2, f, m2, m1, base, limit, data2)
+        _checkcopies(c2, f, m2, m1, base, tca, limit, data2)
     copy = dict(data1['copy'].items() + data2['copy'].items())
     fullcopy = dict(data1['fullcopy'].items() + data2['fullcopy'].items())
@@ -405,8 +405,8 @@
                 'diverge': bothdiverge,
     for f in bothnew:
-        _checkcopies(c1, f, m1, m2, base, limit, bothdata)
-        _checkcopies(c2, f, m2, m1, base, limit, bothdata)
+        _checkcopies(c1, f, m1, m2, base, tca, limit, bothdata)
+        _checkcopies(c2, f, m2, m1, base, tca, limit, bothdata)
     for of, fl in bothdiverge.items():
         if len(fl) == 2 and fl[0] == fl[1]:
             copy[fl[0]] = of # not actually divergent, just matching renames
@@ -521,7 +521,7 @@
     except StopIteration:
         return False
-def _checkcopies(ctx, f, m1, m2, base, limit, data):
+def _checkcopies(ctx, f, m1, m2, base, tca, limit, data):
     check possible copies of f from m1 to m2
@@ -530,6 +530,7 @@
     m1 = the source manifest
     m2 = the destination manifest
     base = the changectx used as a merge base
+    tca = topological common ancestor for graft-like scenarios
     limit = the rev number to not search beyond
     data = dictionary of dictionary to store copy data. (see mergecopies)
@@ -540,6 +541,17 @@
     mb = base.manifest()
+    # Might be true if this call is about finding backward renames,
+    # This happens in the case of grafts because the DAG is then rotated.
+    # If the file exists in both the base and the source, we are not looking
+    # for a rename on the source side, but on the part of the DAG that is
+    # traversed backwards.
+    #
+    # In the case there is both backward and forward renames (before and after
+    # the base) this is more complicated as we must detect a divergence. This
+    # is currently broken and hopefully some later code update will make that
+    # work (we use 'backwards = False' in that case)
+    backwards = base != tca and f in mb
     getfctx = _makegetfctx(ctx)
     of = None
@@ -554,7 +566,11 @@
-        data['fullcopy'][f] = of # remember for dir rename detection
+        # remember for dir rename detection
+        if backwards:
+            data['fullcopy'][of] = f # grafting backwards through renames
+        else:
+            data['fullcopy'][f] = of
         if of not in m2:
             continue # no match, keep looking
         if m2[of] == mb.get(of):
@@ -562,9 +578,11 @@
         c2 = getfctx(of, m2[of])
         # c2 might be a plain new file on added on destination side that is
         # unrelated to the droids we are looking for.
-        cr = _related(oc, c2, base.rev())
+        cr = _related(oc, c2, tca.rev())
         if cr and (of == f or of == c2.path()): # non-divergent
-            if of in mb:
+            if backwards:
+                data['copy'][of] = f
+            elif of in mb:
                 data['copy'][f] = of
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