On 10/16/2016 05:15 PM, Gábor Stefanik wrote:
# HG changeset patch
# User Gábor Stefanik <gabor.stefa...@nng.com>
# Date 1476317983 -7200
#      Thu Oct 13 02:19:43 2016 +0200
# Node ID e61355cb337ab5328e4cf5d0f153821600c53e72
# Parent  72b4f2514efd9decffb1115c0f7b8e8f004bdf44
mergecopies: invoke _computenonoverlap for both base and tca during merges

I've pushed the first 7 patches of this series. I'll try to get to the rest later today if no other reviewers did.

Patch 6 is authored by me and I've exceptionally pushed it myself, It is necessary for patch 7 which introduce the first actual effects on tests in this series. The patches is quite simple and have been seen by Gabor too. I wanted to avoid extra latency as the 4.0 freeze is tomorrow.

The series mentioned I helped with reworking it, this is True, I help gabor finding appropriate slicing and and spot where the documentation and description could use improvement. However, all the code and description have still been written by Gabor so I think it is okay for me to review it.


Pierre-Yves David
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