> On Oct 18, 2016, at 07:20, ALESSANDRO PROCOPIO 
> <alessandro.proco...@stud.unifi.it> wrote:
> Dear Developers,
> I'm trying to install MercurialEclipse 2.2 from the MarketPlace some errors 
> are occurring: "unable to read repository at 
> https://bitbucket.org/mercurialeclipse/update-site/raw/default/content.xml"; 
> Since this file is not present in this path, in my opinion, the problem lies 
> here.
> Could someone help me?
> I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I don't know who the maintainer of MercurialEclipse is, but it's a separate 
project from Mercurial core... and a cursory glance at their issue tracker[1] 
makes it look pretty moribund.

[1]: https://bitbucket.org/mercurialeclipse/main/issues?status=new&status=open

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