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  There is still some work required to make this extension better. I didn't 
want to grow my stack too long and hence send upto here. Few things which will 
be coming for sure:
  - removal of wrapping of `push` command on client side
  - using the bookmarks bundle2 part instead of scratchbranchparttype on both 
client and server side
  - drop the scratchbranchparttype bundle2 part
  - dropping the debugfillinfinitepushmetadata command defined in 
  There are things which I am not sure whether to keep or not:
  - the --bundle-store flag to push command
  - functionality to pull from bundlestore using `hg pull`
  - functionality to pull changesets from bundlestore if a changeset is not 
found locally on `hg update`
  - logic around sql store
  - interaction with the hoisting functionality of remotenames extension which 
is also being moved to core
  Once  these things are figured out, then I will try to add support for old 
clients and the clients on which we have no control. Also I will like to get 
these reviews less painful as much possible, so if there is any another way 
which can make the review easy, I will be happy to follow.
  cc: @durham

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