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  > There are things which I am not sure whether to keep or not:
  > - the --bundle-store flag to push command
  This is useful for scripts or tools that want to upload a commit to the cloud 
without having to give it a name. For instance, you can use it to push a commit 
then send that commit hash to some build service which can checkout the commit 
without having to worry about a bookmark name.  But this could always be added 
back later, so it's probably fine to drop it if there's not an immediate need 
in Mozilla's use case.
  > - functionality to pull from bundlestore using hg pull
  Similar to the points above and below, this is useful for automation that 
already passes hashes around.  Not having to pass around bookmark names as well 
means it's easier for that automation to migrate to infinitepush.
  > - functionality to pull changesets from bundlestore if a changeset is not 
found locally on hg update
  This is a bit of magic that user's really like.  When combined with automatic 
backup pushes, it makes it feel like everyone is using the same repository.  
I'd highly recommend keeping this just for the eventual PR of saying "I can 
just hg commit, and my friend can do hg checkout HASH"
  > - logic around sql store
  Without this, would the server always store data in the filesystem?  The sql 
store seems like an important bit of making this robust in enterprise usage.
  > - interaction with the hoisting functionality of remotenames extension 
which is also being moved to core
  I'm not familiar with how infinitepush plays into hoisting, but I just wanted 
to make sure users never have to type 'remote/' or 'default/'.

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