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  In, @durham wrote:
  > > There are things which I am not sure whether to keep or not:
  > > 
  > > - the --bundle-store flag to push command
  > This is useful for scripts or tools that want to upload a commit to the 
cloud without having to give it a name. For instance, you can use it to push a 
commit then send that commit hash to some build service which can checkout the 
commit without having to worry about a bookmark name.  But this could always be 
added back later, so it's probably fine to drop it if there's not an immediate 
need in Mozilla's use case.
  To be clear, Mozilla has 2 use cases where infinitepush could be useful:
  1. For our Try repository. Upload a nameless bundle somewhere and CI consumes 
  2. For user repositories (basically forks of the main repos).

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