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  > > > I wonder if we should instead have a --draft option for this. Reasons:
  > > >
  > > > - If we ever add a fourth phase (like Jun's proposed "archived" phase), 
then --no-secret doesn't clearly indicate "draft", it could just as well be 
  > > > - Actually, we of course already do have a third phase. One could 
imagine a "hg commit --public", although that's probably not useful enough to 
warrant its own option, but it seems to suggest that "--no-secret" doesn't 
necessarily mean "draft".
  > > > - I find this tri-state boolean weird. "--secret" kind of defaults to 
off, but it can be made "more off" with "--no-secret".
  > >
  > >
  > > Yeah, I wasn't sure I liked it when writing it, and I'm fine with 
changing it, but do we really want a proliferation of flags?  Perhaps we want a 
generic 'phase' flag, so one can specify -s or --secret (BC and it's the "most 
common" case), and --phase <public|draft|secret|archived> for more advanced 
use-cases?  This runs into a couple small problems, specifically that there's 
now "more than one way to do it [specify secret]", it's a lot of typing, and I 
don't think we should abbreviate it `-p` (it just doesn't feel like it's going 
to be common enough to warrant any abbreviation, let alone 'p', which could 
stand for phase, or patch, or path, or a number of other words that we might 
eventually add to `commit` and be sad about not being able to abbreviate in the 
obvious fashion)
  > I think "--phase <phase>" makes sense, but it is a little long as you said. 
Since the real goal of this series is to preserve the phase on `hg split`, I'll 
see if I can do that by adding general support to scmutil.cleanupnodes() 
instead (Kyle and I already talked about this offline).
  Here's an update on this work:
  It turned out to be harder than I expected. The main problem seems to be that 
interrupted `hg rebase/histedit` does not call cleanupnodes, but they still 
expect the phase to get set. They also currently don't create obsmarkers. The 
reason they don't is because obsmarkers can't be undone, which is important for 
`hg rebase/histedit --abort`. However, these days will strip 
obsmarkers, so my plan now is this:
  1. Make rebase/histedit add obsmarkers as we go and undo them on abort [1]. 
This means that the user will see which commits have already been rebased when 
rebase/histedit is interrupted. I think that's a good thing.
  2. Make cleanupnodes() propagate phase to successor (without affecting parent 
commit, of course, so if parent is secret, then so will the successor be, even 
if the precursor was draft). This will be some new version of cleanupnodes() 
that will not strip the precursors in the obsmarker-less case.
  3. Remove code for propagating phase from existing commands (e.g. amend)
  Perhaps I'll find some time to work on this during the sprint, but it does 
seem a little big to be completed during the sprint.
  [1] It seems like we should do the same with bookmarks -- move them as we go, 
but move them back on abort. However, I'm not sure if that's BC. Can we pretend 
that it was a bug that they didn't? Maybe we don't care much about BC of 
interrupted rebase/histedit?

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