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  (I'm stepping in and responding while rdamazio is out for a few days)
  In https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D2678#43299, @mharbison72 wrote:
  > I really like this feature too.  Any plans to extend it to 
  We don't have any concrete plans to do so, but would not be opposed.
  > I don't think this should prevent it from being accepted, but is there a 
way to get the help text rendered as-is, without reflowing?  For example, to 
simulate the usual 1 line summary + extended detail, I tried:
  >   [alias]
  >   phabimport:doc = Import a stack of revisions from phabricator.
  >     .
  >     This is extended help.
  > That got me:
  >   $ ../hg help phabimport
  >   hg phabimport
  >   shell alias for: "%HG%" phabread $1 | "%HG%" import --bypass -
  >   Import a stack of revisions from phabricator. . This is extended help.
  >   defined by: c:\Users\Matt\projects\hg\.hg\hgrc:28
  >   (some details hidden, use --verbose to show complete help)
  > (The middle '.' line is necessary, because the config parser throws away 
empty lines, complains about unexpected leading whitespace in the next line, 
and then exits without the usual 'abort: ' prefix.  That bad format even kills 
`hg version`, but the output does indicate exactly where the problem is.)
  I don't think that it'll be easy to make it avoid reflowing, I believe that's 
a pretty low-level aspect of the help command.  It would be better to fix the 
command parser to allow interstitial blank lines, but I don't have an estimate 
on how hard that would be.  Looks like our internal use of the feature from 
this patch is avoiding multi-line messages, I don't know if this is because 
they don't work, or because rdamazio didn't try it.  I agree it should 
hopefully not block the review in the meantime, especially if the 
desired+expected end-goal is that the config parser lets us have the blank 
lines (because then we won't need to change the text in a BC way; if we can't 
get the config parser to work, we may need to have this parse the text looking 
for things like \n, which could possibly be BC [though so mild I suspect it'll 
not be a problem])

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