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  Hi all,
  Based on the discussion a few weeks ago, I come up with a solution for review 
and discussion. After reading the Oxidation plan, the first thought is to 
bypass python engine and current plugin system IFF on request. If user (maybe 
background checker of IDE) request r-* subcommands, then hg gives rust 
implementations instead of python's. So I try to make hg r-status as fast as 
possible. The submitted version has comparable performance (as an example of 
the performance, not evidence, on my MacBook, in hg's own repo, hg r-status 
150ms, and hg status 220ms). I am using CodeXL to profile the performance, and 
plan to use Future.rs to make the loading parallel and maybe 30ms faster.
  The implementation originates from hg python implementation, because the 
python version is really fast. I tried to split into small changes, however, I 
eventually to combine all hgstorage module as one commit.
  Thank you for your comments!

  rHG Mercurial


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