On Tue, 13 Mar 2018 15:43:02 +0800
Anton Shestakov <a...@dwimlabs.net> wrote:

> > +    rejected = cmdutil.forget(ui, repo, m, prefix="", explicitonly=False, 
> > dryrun=dryrun)[0]  
> This line is too long, don't forget to also run test-check-commit.t.

I saw this already fixed, but I'd like to get this right.

test-check-code.t is the test that would detect lines of code being too
long (not *-commit.t), but running all of the test-check-*.t before
sending patches is a good idea. Small issues can be fixed when
reviewers queue patches, but not all of check-code.py (as an example)
is style checks; some of the rules are important for compatibility
(Python 2 vs 3, and running test suite on different OSes), and they are
put there because they can be tricky to spot during manual review.
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