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  > > Will this cause conflicts with `hg serve -S` or hgwebdir with 
subrepo/virtual paths that start with 'api'?  (This was the reason I used the 
LFS URI starting with '.hg/', knowing that isn't committable.)
  > Bleh.
  > So what I'm hearing is that because of hgwebdir's virtual paths and support 
for serving subrepos, pretty much the entire URL space is dangerous because it 
can conflict with the path of a virtual repo or subrepo. I suppose we already 
have problems with existing URLs, like `/rev/`.
  I think so.  I remember when Yuya suggested putting the `/index` virtual file 
into hgwebdir a year ago, I had to dance around the fact that 'index' could 
have been a repo being served up.   I'm guessing `/rev/` et al. is less of a 
problem, because presumably they've existed since the beginning?
  > I agree that putting things under `.hg/` in the URL space seems to be a 
viable workaround.
  > Changing the URL prefix isn't a big deal as far as the code is concerned. 
We can make that change at any time since we have no BC guarantees at this 
  I'm fine with landing this as-is and changing it later if needed.  I haven't 
checked this myself, I was just going on a vague memory of issues that I ran 
into, and wondered if you had considered it.

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