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  In https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D2668#43338, @quark wrote:
  > My initial idea was to allow `-r 'orphan()-obsolete()' -d auto`. That can 
be actually done without any code change by defining `auto` as a complex revset.
  > That idea derived an idea of allowing omitting arguments.
  This is all very cool, but I worry about how we define `auto` as a 
rebase-only scoped revset. How do we make that discoverable?
  I like the way `--auto` (or some other name) is discoverable in `hg help 
rebase`. Losing that inside the long-form prose of the help text (which is the 
only place I can think of to document a magic rebase-specific revset?) seems 
like a bummer to me...


> indygreg wrote in rebase.py:702
> The fact that `auto` takes an argument makes it... not very //auto//.
> I have a slight preference for ``--orphans <rev>``. All the other arguments 
> that take revsets are nouns describing what will be operated on, what the 
> revisions are being used for, etc.

I don't follow. It automatically rebases the specified set of revisions - that 
is, it automatically picks the destination. Does that make sense?

(I don't know what you think could be more auto here?)

I honestly find it very confusing to write `hg rebase --orphans 'orphan()'`. 
Any thoughts about that?

  rHG Mercurial


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