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  In https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D2668#51423, @durin42 wrote:
  > I like the way `--auto` (or some other name) is discoverable in `hg help 
rebase`. Losing that inside the long-form prose of the help text (which is the 
only place I can think of to document a magic rebase-specific revset?) seems 
like a bummer to me...
  We recently had some internal discussion about discovery. @mbthomas mentioned 
that help text is a way of discovery and help text is not only about command 
line flags. i.e. there could be some examples in help text. I think that might 
be actually better not only because it keeps CLI clean, but also because a flag 
has limited (half of a line) space to explain things while an example could 
have multi-line explanation.

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