quark added a comment.

  Git first had a `contrib/diff-highlight/diff-highlight` script which inverts 
foreground/background for hunks with len(deleted_lines) = len(inserted_lines).
  Then the latest version shows diff inline. That is:
    common words [+inserted words with green color][-deleted words with red 
color] common words
  I dislike that, since it could be ambiguous ("[+ x]" could be part of the 
original text).
  For colors, it's really a hard question. I think if we can detect "dim" is 
unsupported and make it a no-op, then it'd be fine to use. `infocmp` can report 
"dim" correctly on my Linux terminal. Internally, we patched color.py to use 16 
and 256 colors even if terminfo reports 8 colors. But I guess that's not an 
acceptable solution here.


> yuja wrote in patch.py:2536
> Nit: maybe we can sort out tokens here instead of re-parsing tabs, newlines, 
> trailing whitespaces later.
> But I'm not sure if that will make things simpler.

For a split list `['\n', '\t', ' ']`, mdiff might return a hunk that joins 
them. So `''.join(al[a1:a2])` will become more complex.

I think having mdiff step free from EOL/tab handling makes the code easier to 

  rHG Mercurial


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