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> indygreg wrote in test-wireproto-command-pushkey.t:1
> And at the same time having giant test files makes it difficult to refactor 
> an existing test file because tests below change due to differences above. 
> You end up doing all kinds of strips, etc to undo changes so you don't have 
> to change the entire test file.
> Also, is there evidence that repo creation overhead is a problem? We're not 
> doing `fsync()` as part of repo creation. I'm finding it difficult to believe 
> that repo creation or .t file existence is a big deal. I understand the 
> theoretically concern. But for developers (who presumably have reasonable I/O 
> on development machines), I'd expect Python + hg process startup overhead to 
> dwarf all other performance concerns.

We're going to go ahead with this as written now, but everyone should be aware 
that we're approaching a crisis of sorts when it comes to test execution time, 
especially on non-Linux platforms. We've had people reporting -j8 runs on macOS 
taking well over an hour.

I hope to find some time to tackle this in the next cycle.

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