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  Nice feature!


> test-fix-topology.t:264-290
> +  $ printf "one\n" > foo.whole
> +  $ hg commit -Aqm "first"
> +  $ hg phase --public
> +  $ hg tag --local root
> +  $ printf "two\n" > foo.whole
> +  $ hg commit -m "second"
> +  $ printf "three\n" > foo.whole

Next time, please consider using the `drawdag` extension for building a repo. 
It can't create obsolete changesets. But if the test is doing a bunch of 
regular `hg commit`, it will be faster to use `drawdag` to create the repo, as 
it avoids a ton of overhead from `hg` processes.

(I'm still guilty of not using `drawdag`, as the tool is relatively new.)

  rHG Mercurial


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