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> dhduvall wrote in color.py:94
> I'm not sure what testing I did to claim "most", but I did make that comment 
> in 2011, and xterm didn't start supporting dim until 2014 (it had long 
> supported invisible), so that certainly helped inform that comment. Given 
> @spectral's survey, I'd probably rewrite the comment simply to say that we're 
> using `ui.debug()` to not be noisy in the wide world of different terminals.
> Given support by xterm, iTerm2, and Terminal.app (and I just verified 
> gnome-terminal supports it, too), I'd lean towards just using dim whenever it 
> made sense now, though it'd be nice to know that at least one major Windows 
> terminal app supported it, too. I don't know how widespread rxvt-unicode is 
> in the Linux world, or other terminal emulators that might not support it.
> I won't comment on the dim-the-unchanged vs bright-the-changed bits, or how 
> this interacts with the ANSI color mode, other than to say that the default 
> colors aren't an interface, and can be tweaked later without worries about 
> backwards compatibility. Obviously you don't want to change them radically 
> without good reason once people get used to them, but tweaking 
> dim/bold/normal/background/whatever once people have had a chance to 
> experiment more widely might be a reasonable thing to do.

Ah, didn't know that xterm support for it was that recent :)

I'm fine with assuming that rxvt-unicode isn't used enough to warrant avoiding 
it here, especially if someone with a windows machine can chime in with whether 
or not it's supported.  For platforms where the default terminal emulator 
doesn't support it, the maintainers can adjust it to be whatever they like (or 
we could do so if we create official packages for that platform/distribution).

tmux *does* support it, it just doesn't support *emulating* it if the terminal 
on the outside of tmux doesn't.

I'm fine with the change using dim.  Maybe I can use this to get rxvt-unicode 
to improve their support. :P

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