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> yuja wrote in
> I don't think yielding `encoder.encode` would make much sense
> because an array item can also be a nested indefinite array, in
> which case, we can't use `writeitem()`.


Proper support for nesting will likely require a whole new high-level encoder 
API. Because state of the nesting needs to be tracked somewhere.

FWIW, the more I'm looking at the CBOR code, the more I'm thinking we will end 
up having to reinvent the full wheel. Not-yet-submitted commits to add wire 
protocol commands to do CBOR things are spending a *ton* of time in cbor2. The 
reason appears to be primarily driven by cbor2's insistence on using `write()`. 
There are a few places where we need to emit a generator of chunks. And the 
overhead from instantiating `io.BytesIO` instances to handle the `write()` from 
cbor2 only to call `getvalue()` to retrieve the data is non-trivial.

The next version of this may just invent a whole new CBOR encoder with only 
limited support for types. Or at least I'll change the API so a streaming array 
doesn't require an encoder be passed in.

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