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> martinvonz wrote in test-bundle-bookmarks.t:37-63
> Can we have a similar test case where we create divergence? Create a fork in 
> the graph in the debugdrawdag call above. Let's say you have commit F that 
> branches off of B, then do something like this:
>   $ hg bundle --all bundle
>   $ hg strip --no-backup C
>   $ hg bookmarks -f -r F D1
>   $ hg unbundle -q bundle
>   $ hg log -G -T '{desc} {bookmarks}\n'
>     o  E
>     |
>     o  D D1 D2
>     |
>     o  C
>     |
>     |  o F D1@1
>     |/
>     o  B
>     |
>     o  A A1
> I don't know if "@1" is the appropriate divergence marker, but I can't think 
> of a better one. I haven't even looked at your code to try to guess what it 
> would be in practice (if it would work at all).

I have added such test and indeed this case is not handled right now. I'm not 
aware of how Mercurial handle this case when exchanging bookmarks, I will need 
to take a look at the code to find out.

What is the correct behavior here? Change the existing bookmark or the bookmark 
from the bundle?

  rHG Mercurial


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